Friday, January 4, 2013

 My Super Hero Reading Nook. The hours it took...
 Don't mind the messy papers. My students made Super hero bio hangers of themselves

 My favorite Bulletin Board thus far...
 There is Lightning Leonard at your service.

 There are super heros with their names on it.
My classroom theme this year is Brainiac Super Heroes. I hope you like my classroom. What do you think?
Today is the day!!!! I have finally taken the plunge... I have started a teacher blog(duh... I'm typing on it) and have begun the process of selling my creative curriculum on TpT. Whom ever is reading this , thank you! I am this ball full of energy and ideas ready to burst. I finally decided to stop being such an introvert and share what's cooking up in that brain of mind. I am a newbie so if anyone has any advice feel free to let me have it. Well, I need to go work on some more activities for my classroom. I will be back to share more about myself and ideas. Thanks for stopping by.